Mobility Chairs Indoor Manual and Powered

Mobility Chairs

Mobility chairs are all about enabling people with disabilities to become mobile, remain healthy and participate fully in daily life at home, at work and in their community. An indoor mobility chair is so much more than a mechanical device – it is the catalyst in the process of increasing independence, improving well-being and social integration. At Visual-Q we put the user first and take time to understand long-term objectives, helping our clients make informed decisions about the best wheelchair specification for their needs.

Your Chair Assessment and Consultation

So, you want to know more about the Mercado Medic range of specialist indoor wheelchairs?
If you’re getting the idea that owning one of these modular mobility task chairs or powered indoor wheelchairs is just the thing to help you improve your mobility and maintain your independence, then you should take the next step by arranging a free seating assessment. Our trained seating specialist will help you pinpoint the precise chair specification for your current and future needs and help you to make an informed buying decision.
We are happy to visit you at your home, care home, school or university and if your chair is for use in an office, then our specialist can also carry out a full DSE (Display Screen Equipment) risk assessment to ensure your working environment is suitable for you and your chair.
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Powered mobility chairs.

REAL 6100 Plus powered mobility chair.

REAL 6100 Plus.

This specialised indoor powered mobility chair is for use in the workplace, home and education. It offers the user maximum freedom of movement in support of an active lifestyle.
REAL 6100 Plus paediatric powered mobility chair.

REAL 6100 Plus Paediatric.

Specialist chair for children and small adults suffering with mobility limiting conditions which offers maximum freedom of movement in support of a full and active life.

Self-propelled mobility chairs.

REAL 9100 Plus EL self propelled mobility chair.

REAL 9100 Plus EL.

Manual task chair for indoor mobility. A powered sit-stand chair available with electric seat height, seat tilt and braking and a host of accessories to support an independent lifestyle.
REAL 9200 Twin EL Bariatic self propelled mobility chair.

REAL 9200 Twin.

Mobility task chair for large users with a sturdy and durable design offering indoor mobility for people weighing up to 275kg (43 stone).
REAL 9300 & 9400 self propelled mobility paediatric task chair.

REAL 9300 & 9400 paediatric.

This range of manual mobility task chairs is designed for use by children and small adults with mobility limiting conditions to offer them maximum freedom of movement and independence at home, work and school.

Mercado Medic UK Warranty.

This warranty applies to new products purchased in the United Kingdom through Mercado Medic UK and approved Mercado Medic UK Partners. Mercado Medic AB warrants this product to be free from any defects in workmanship or material.

The warranty only applies to the original purchase and terminates if you transfer, modify or sell the product.

Warranty period: –

10 year warranty
Welded metal parts:
10 years
Gas springs and electric actuators:
2 years
Other parts:
1 year

The warranty excludes:

  1. Normal wear and tear or damage caused by neglect, misuse, accident, improper installation or failure to operate according to the user instructions provided.
  2. Fading, discoloration or natural variations occurring in artificial or real leather and fabrics
  3. Damage caused by a carrier or transportation of the product, alterations made by owner, or customer’s own material.

If there is a defect within the warranty period, Mercado Medic UK or the authorised partner that the product was supplied through should be notified of the defect. A decision will then be made whether the defect is to be repaired or replaced by a new product and further actions will be advised.

DSE Assessments.

DSE Healthy Computing.

DSE Assessments and Healthy Computing

A DSE assessment is an assessment of risk from the way we use computers, laptops, tablets and other display screens at work. Each workstation should be assessed and the risks reduced as low as is practical. A DSE assessment looks at how a screen is used and assesses the risks to the user. An extended DSE assessment may be provided for users who have returned to work after illness or have some disability that required particular attention.

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