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Mercado Medic AB

Since 2002 Visual-Q Ltd has sold a wide range of ergonomic equipment and we have built an enviable reputation for personal service and ethical business methods. Now as a partner of Mercado Medic we are delighted to offer you professional and friendly customer service for their high-quality range of indoor mobility chairs.

Mercado Medic Head Office

The head office and factory are based on the island of Lidingö in Sweden with a wholly-owned UK support operation based in Burton on Trent. Sales, distribution and local customer support is provided via official regional dealers throughout the UK of which Visual-Q Ltd is one.

Since 1971 Mercado Medic has been engaged in the business of developing, selling and servicing special chairs for people with functional disabilities, also producing specially adapted chairs for use in specific clinics, offices and industries. In that time Mercado Medic has become a byword for high-quality design and manufacturing and produces specialist indoor wheelchairs that are safe, functional and extremely durable.

Mercado Medic chairs have a modular design with many interchangeable elements.

Modular design

The unique modular construction of Mercado Medic specialised disability chairs means they can be individually specified to suit the user and then retrofitted with alternative features as requirements change. The individual specification is composed following careful personal interview and measurement at a chair assessment.

These bespoke disability chairs are built from the ground up to suit a specific physical impairment or reduced mobility making use of a vast selection of different seats, backrests, arm supports, headrests, leg rests and hundreds of standard elements. For progressive disabilities Mercado Medic chairs are future-proofed with unprecedented scope to be adapted and retrofitted with alternative components or accessories with a minimum of fuss.


Mercado Medic specialist disability chairs are designed to offer safe and secure help to users with mobility challenges.

Stable, fully-welded frame made from Swedish steel of the highest quality.

All chairs have a stable, fully-welded frame made from Swedish steel of the highest quality and other components are designed with durability in mind offering many years of safe use. Whilst the chair frames are designed to be compact for manoeuvrability stability is also of key importance.

Chairs manufactured by Mercado Medic are CE certified.

Chairs manufactured by Mercado Medic are CE certified in accordance with Swedish Medical Products Agency regulation LVFS 2003:11 / EU Council Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and tested at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) and approved in accordance with European standards SS-EN 1335, 1-3.

Ergonomics and posture management

If a user is to spend many hours in a chair then postural management, comfort and an ergonomic design is paramount. Individual needs are easily accommodated when prescribing our disability task chairs as the upholstered back rests, seats, arm rests, leg rests, head rests and accessories are all manufactured in-house to our own designs.

All chairs can easily be adjusted to an ergonomic seating position and continuously adjusted throughout the day according to the user’s needs. This type of dynamic sitting is a benefit to anyone who uses a chair for extended periods of time for instance as an ergonomic office chair as it prevents muscle tension, discomfort, numbness and the possibility of sores.

Electric height adjustability combined with posture-related angle adjustment of the backrest and seat cushion helps users achieve the right height and posture for tasks around the home and office. Seat belts, footplate supports, side bolsters etc. are all optionally available for increased support if required.

Ergo Medic and Ergo Medic Plus cushions provide exceptional comfort and support.

Mercado Medic have developed seating systems Ergo Medic and Ergo Medic Plus alongside consultant physiotherapist Bengt Engström. These ErgoMedic-seats have the right form and softness to ensure optimal stability and comfort and the Ergomedic Plus seat system features more pronounced contoured seats to minimize pressure sores and shaped backs to providing a good level of mobility in the shoulder area, for example when reaching out backwards or sideways for something.

Upholstery is available in various materials and colours, all non-slip, practical, hard wearing and comfortable for long periods of sitting.

Standard fabrics are practical and comfortable in use.
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