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Modular Indoor Mobility Chairs

Modular designed disability chairs.

Mercado Medic, manufacture powered and manual mobility chairs for adults, and children with a variety of physical impairments. The design concept remains unchanged since the first chairs were developed in 1971 and the dominant feature is the modular design. The use of modular components means that independent parts with differing attributes can fit to standard interfaces and this allows Mercado Medic chairs to be extensively customised to deliver a ‘bespoke’ solution for customers.

As a user grows or their lifestyle changes over time, the modular chairs can be adapted or upgraded with new elements that are better suited to a new application. For progressive disabilities Mercado Medic chairs are future-proofed with unprecedented scope to be modified and retrofitted with alternative components or accessories with a minimum of fuss.

These bespoke disability chairs are built from the ground up to suit a specific physical impairment or reduced mobility making use of a vast selection of different seats, backrests, arm supports, headrests, leg rests and hundreds of standard elements.

Modular design improves production quality.

The chair components are assembled in such a way that they can quickly be repaired and retrofitted. With Mercado Medic mobility chairs there is no need to remove four items to replace or adjust one. From a production perspective commonality of components across the different chair ranges means that quality control can be concentrated on fewer items and therefore continuity of superior quality products can be assured.

The modular design of the chairs has allowed product development beyond the original concept of a mobilityy task chair. The plug-in nature of additional elements means Mercado Medic can offer modified versions of their chairs for patient positioning in hospitals (for example X-ray /Mammography chairs) and specialist opticians, surgeons and dentists chairs.

Popular modular models

REAL 6100 Plus
REAL 6100 Plus task chair
REAL 9100 EL
REAL 9100 EL task chair
REAL 6100 Plus
Paediatric powered
REAL 6100 Plus Paediatric task chair
REAL 9300/9400
Paediatric manual
REAL 9300/9400 Paediatric manual task chair
REAL 9200 EL
Bariatric manual
Real 9200 Twin EL task chair
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