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Working safely with display screen equipment:

Working safely with display screen equipment

The DSE Regulations are for the protection of people; employees and self-employed who habitually use DSE continuously for an hour or more a day as a part of their normal work. Display Screen Equipment is the most commonly used type of work equipment and there are health risks associated with its use, for example musculoskeletal upper limb disorders, including back, neck, shoulder, arm and wrist pain, visual fatigue and stress. The impact on health is generally low in the short term; but can increase over time if the right advice is not given and heeded.

Carrying out DSE risk assessments not only ensures that your organisation complies with the regulations, but also improves the health, wellbeing and staff morale. Productivity can be improved by reducing absence due to sickness and the best people will be attracted and retained by employers who provide safe and healthy working environments.

On-site DSE Assessment

On-site DSE Assessment

An on-site DSE project will include individual workstation risk assessment with a combination of observation, measurement and interview covering subjects including IT equipment, furniture, posture, environment, work routine. Training will be given on a one to one basis in aspects of health display screen equipment use and each user will be given a copy of HSE publication and our own short guide to setting up a workstation as an aide memoir. We will present ‘signed off’ assessment forms together with a comprehensive report, which collates risks and follow-up actions. If equipment or accessories are required, we will recommend appropriate products and suppliers.

Web – based DSE training and risk assessment

Healthy Working

Since 2002 Visual-q has been a specialist UK reseller of Cardinus DSE software and in that time have worked on projects with organisations of every shape and size including banks, law firms, pharmaceuticals, construction, manufacturing and government organisations.

Healthy Working is Cardinus’ award-winning software designed to help your organisation comply with health and safety obligations for computer users. It delivers effective computer-based training /risk assessment to your computer users with self-help feedback and automates the management of residual risk. Healthy Working helps you manage your DSE risk assessment process in as efficient a way as possible when you have responsibility for the ergonomic wellbeing of a large number of employees as well as compliance with Display Screen Equipment regulations.

  • Contemporary presentation style with simple navigation for users.
  • Self-fix user resolution for simple adjustments.
  • Easy to monitor risk management / administration module.
  • Automated email reminders when risk assessment or action is due.
  • Full authoring capabilities making content even more specific to your organisation.
  • Easily customised reports.
  • Scalable solution with either internet or network deployment.
  • Tools include automated task lists and e-mail reminders.

Download the award-winning Healthy Working ergonomic solutions brochure here

Fully Managed DSE Service

Fully Managed DSE Service

We can offer comprehensive DSE risk assessment and ergonomic assessment managed services to companies who want us to provide a holistic approach to ergonomic risk management. Using either web- based or on-site assessment service as a base, additional levels of care can be introduced.

Telephonic intervention.

On-site intervention.

DSE triage.

DSE Training

On completion of this one day DSE Assessor Course the delegates will have:

  • Examined the impact of ergonomics on the workplace.
  • Discussed the implementation of the DSE regulations (1992).
  • Evaluated hazards and risks related to workstation use.
  • Walked through the stages of a DSE risk assessment.
  • Developed a process and checklist for carrying out a DSE risk assessment.
  • Carried out a DSE assessment at a user’s workstation.
  • Reviewed feedback and learned from practical DSE assessment.
  • Created a personal action plan for carrying out DSE assessments.

We would be pleased visit to your offices to discuss your specific requirements or arrange an on-line evaluation of this software.

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