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We visit our customers to conduct an individual chair assessment so that the chair can be matched to your precise weight and size.

As an approximate guide REAL 9300 & 9400 Paediatric chairs suit children and small adults up to a weight of 75Kg (11st 11lbs). The manual task chair REAL 9100 suits users up to 130Kg (20st 6lb)and the electric powered REAL 6100 up to 135Kg (21st 3lb).

For heavier users the Bariatric range REAL 9200 can safely support users weighing 180Kg (28st 4lb) on the gas-lift version and 275 Kg (43st 4lb) on the electric lift version.

Generally speaking the frame and seat dimensions are appropriate to these different weight groups, but because all of the chairs are modular, larger or smaller seats and components can be specified to suit the individual.

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