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Indoor Mobility Chair Range

In partnership with renowned Swedish manufacturer Mercado Medic, Visual-Q Ltd offer specialist mobility chairs for the disabled with unrivalled functionality for users with different types of functional disabilities. Mercado Medic’s REAL range of specialist indoor mobility chairs for the disabled provides improved mobility and independence and the personal autonomy this brings can enhance daily life at home and provide new opportunities at work. We provide modular home and office task chairs and powered wheelchairs corresponding to the assistance level required for activities that would otherwise be difficult to perform.

Indoor mobility chairs for the disabled Mercado Medic's range of indoor home and office mobility chairs

A chair best suited to you and your disability needs.

Mercado Medic’s range of mobility chairs are all designed with a modular construction for simple individual adjustment. The modularity means that a bespoke disability chair can be built from the ground up using components from a vast selection of seats, backrests, arm supports, headrests, leg rests and hundreds of standard elements. The chairs are future-proofed to accommodate children’s growth, progressive disabilities and any change is lifestyle with unprecedented scope for retrofitting alternative components or accessories.


Mobility chairs for the disabled REAL 9000 PLUS home or work

The medical chair REAL 9000 PLUS is a mobility chair for disabled persons of all ages. It is modular and easy to customize for each user’s needs. Sit in a REAL 9000 PLUS mobility chair at home and at work and it is easy to adjust position for whatever you want to do. This mobility chair has a gas-regulated height adjustment of 20 cm. When the brakes are on, the chair stands firmly in position when you want to get up or transfer and the easily rolling wheels make propelling the chair easy.


REAL 9100 PLUS EL Mobility chairs for the disabled

REAL 9100 PLUS is an ergonomic, rise and recline modular mobility chair, designed so that it is easy to prescribe for individual requirements. This model is self-propelled by walking he chair and the electric height adjustment and tilting seat provide excellent support for this function and when standing up from a seated position. This compact modern design for an electric sit-stand chair works well in an office environment as a fully adjustable orthopaedic office chair and as a rehabilitation chair in the home.

REAL 9600 9700 COXIT


REAL 9600 and 9700 plus offer the same features as the rest of the REAL 9000 family as modular work chairs that are easy to adapt to the individual user. These particular models: 9600 (non-powered lift mechanism ) and 9700 (powered lift mechanism) are suitable for users who, for example, have hip joint problems. The coxit seat is divided with individually adjustable support flaps which give the opportunity to sit with an open hip angle.


Mobility chairs for the disabled REAL 6100 PLUS

REAL 6100 PLUS is an electrically powered wheelchair designed for indoor use. It is constructed to provide the user maximum freedom of movement at home, in the office or at school. The range of electric height adjustment is an impressive 28 cm. This means that one has an extensive freedom of movement even in elevated positions.

This electrically powered wheelchair is available with a number of useful options as well as a great variety of functional accessories.


REAL SPIDER low seat mobility chair

One of the key features of the REAL SPIDER is its low seat height. This, and the maximum legroom in combination with the smooth-running wheels, allow the child to manoeuvre themselves easily both at home and at school. The smooth-running wheels allow the child to get to a low desk or table on their own, without their teacher/parent/carer having to push them. The brake can be operated by hand or by foot. This means that the chair will remain safely in position where you want it, but that it can also easily be moved if required.


REAL 9100 PLUS EL Eye Clinic mobility chair

The REAL Eye clinic chair must meet the majority of needs that an eye clinic has. The chair is flexible and functional, while at the same time being stable and safe. The REAL Eye clinic chair also offers a long lifetime with a minimum need for maintenance.

Our narrowest PLUS base is only 43 cm wide and 53 cm deep. It is the only clinic base on the market that is narrow enough to manage all types of examination tables, whatever their width.



The REAL 8100 X-RAY chair is an electrically operated chair adapted for use in connection with X-rays. The chair is made in Sweden and has been designed with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility. The chair is comfortable, stable and easy to operate. A remote control is used to adjust the electric height setting of no less than 28 cm. This gives staff the freedom to adjust the chair even at a distance.

We also have a manual version of this chair, REAL 8000 X-RAY, equipped with gas spring height adjustment.

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