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Medical Mobility Chair Range

A range of chairs with an ergonomic design, providing comfort for clinicians and patients with special features to support diagnostic and medical procedures.

This medical chair range is manufactured in Sweden to the highest standards by Mercado Medic and are CE certified in accordance with Swedish Medical Products Agency regulation LVFS 2003:11 / EU Council Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Mercado Medic's full range of Medical Chairs Mercado Medic range of Medical Chairs

REAL X-Ray Chair

The REAL 8100 X-ray chair is an electrically operated chair adapted for use with radiography equipment. The chair is comfortable, stable and easy to operate and has been designed with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility.

REAL X-Ray chair with interchangeable backs Medical Chair Range REAL X-Ray chair with interchangeable backs

This chair is a specially adapted for taking X-rays with the subject in a seated position and has multiple adjustments for patients of differing shapes and sizes. The high level of comfort and ergonomically correct posture offered by the chair to the patient means the examination can be completed promptly and with reduced stress.

Low resistance castors allow the chair to be moved easily by staff and adjusted quickly and precisely into the desired position for the x-ray and a chair brake can be applied manually or by remote control. The remote control allows the seats height to be adjusted by up to 28cm. giving staff the freedom to adjust the chair even at a distance.

The REAL 8100 X-ray chair is available with interchangeable backs and a mechanical protractor in the base, which means that the patient can be positioned with a foot control precisely and quickly for the X-ray.

REAL Surgeon’s Chair

Medical Chair Range Surgeon's automated chair

In an operating environment a medical professional can spend long periods of time on their feet at a time when stress and discomfort are an unwanted distraction. Ultimately this has the potential to cause injury and strain to the back, spine, feet and hips so as an alternative to standing, sitting in a fully-supported posture can have long-term health benefits.

The solution for medical professionals is here – an ergonomic chair designed so that such procedures to be carried out from an ergonomically sound sitting position. This specialised chair features foot switches which control electric actuated seat elevation with 28cm of travel, seat tilt and braking with little effort and great precision. Three-dimensional adjustable armrests allow optimal arm support to operate freely and safely.

The unique modular construction of this Mercado Medic specialised chairs means they can be individually specified to suit doctors, vets, surgeons and other healthcare professionals to offer essential respite from long and exhausting activities.

REAL Mammography Chair

A mammography exam can be an emotional experience for the patient, so it is important to use the right equipment that will make the exam as effective and stress-free as possible. When a patient is required to sit for a consultation, it is easier to obtain images quickly and correctly if the patient is seated in a stable, ergonomically correct position and from a patient’s perspective they happier to be comfortable and relaxed.

Mammography chair with electric height and tilt functions Medical Chair Range Mercado Medic Mammography chair with electric height and tilt functions

The REAL 8200 chair is tried and tested in real environments and has been developed in collaboration with our customers to help create an efficient and cost-effective mammography services whilst improving the experience of mammographer and patient alike with easy to use labour-saving features. The ‘Screening’ version has multiple manual adjustments, low resistance castors, push handles, foot/lever braking and 24V electric height adjustment (via cabled remote) as standard. The ‘Clinic’ version additionally features electric seat and back tilt functions, high backrest and head rest.

REAL Eye Clinic Chair

Full-specification REAL eyeclinic chair

Our 9100 Plus EL eye clinic chair is a modern electrically-controlled patient chair, designed with a focus on patient safety, ergonomics and functionality.

In its simplest form the chair offers remotely operated electrical height adjustment, adjustable back and arms, low resistance castors and foot operated brake. The upgraded chair is also available with electric tilt function, high back and fold-away arms. Furthermore, customers can choose between two bases with different widths depending on the space available and the examination equipment in use in their clinic.

This chair is designed for easy use by the operator with a electrical lift and forward/backward seat tilt that is controlled from the arm rest or by remote control, which gives the physician/nurse the opportunity to control the chair, even at distance. The chair can be fitted with more electrical functions in order to make examinations more efficient and the modular design of the chairs means that chairs can also be individually customised for specific applications.

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