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Indoor Mobility for wheelchair users

An indoor wheelchair performs quite a different function to a general purpose manual wheelchair or powered outdoor wheelchair. Here are just some of the reasons people choose our Mercado Medic indoor wheelchairs:

  1. The manual range offers a supported walking position which takes your weight off your legs while you ‘walk’ the chair around and this gentle exercise can help with rehabilitation.
  2. For users with little or no use of their legs the powered chairs provide near silent traction up to 4,5 Km/hr.
  3. When standing is difficult due to weakness in your legs the powered elevation feature can help you by lifting you into a position where standing is much easier.
  4. With a super-compact frame, our powered and self-propelled models can ‘turn on a sixpence’ and pass through typical domestic doorways without damaging the paintwork.
  5. Transferring from one chair to another indoors can be tiring, but once you are settled in a Mercado Medic chair you can use it in comfort all day for different things and in different rooms.
  6. Reaching high shelves, working at kitchen work surfaces or even answering your own front door is so much easier with a chair that lifts and lowers you to the right height.

Needs analysis – Powered vs Manual mobility chairs

To determine your clinical needs you should in the first instance take the advice of any a health professional acting on your behalf, but your personal input is also vital if you are going to find the right indoor mobility chair for you. We therefore recommend that you try-out our powered mobility chairs or manual mobility chairs in the company of one of our assessors so that you can gauge its suitability for your particular circumstances.

Daily living

Your environment and lifestyle should be taken into consideration when determining which indoor mobility chair will suit you best. Our manual mobility chair range for instance has a choice of castors to suit soft or hard floor surfaces and low-lift and high-lift versions are available across the whole range to match the tasks you intend to carry out. In fact, a huge range of accessories and options mean our chairs can be adapted by you to help with pretty much any physical impairment and daily activity.

Benefits of manual mobility chairs

Only you really know if you have the strength and ability to manoeuvre a manual mobility chair and that will inform your decision regarding powered vs manual traction. Our manual chairs do require some strength on your legs and/or arms to walk or cruise the chair around. The huge positive in being able to use a manual chair is the psychological boost offered by using your own body strength to propel yourself around and by doing that you are maintaining muscle tone and helping with rehabilitation.

Real 9100 in use montage Real 9100 EL in use montage

Benefits of powered mobility chairs

There are enormous benefits to powered mobility chairs, especially for those living without any mobility or whose mobility is diminishing. Not only can the simplest domestic or work activity once more be carried out in comfort, but with customisable accessories and functions such as powered seat elevation, recline and tilt, leg rests, arm rests etc, many more demanding tasks are also possible. Simply put: The powered mobility chair provides the means to a fuller independent lifestyle.

REAL6100 in different office and leisure settings  REAL6100 Plus in different office and leisure settings
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