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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Mobility Chairs UK?

‘Mobility Chairs UK’ is an online arm of Visual-Q Ltd focused on our partnership with Mercado-Medic UK

Visual-Q Ltd are a family business established in 2002 (Company registration No: 4510103) based west of London in the village of Englefield Green. We provide Mercado Medic specialist disability seating and DSE (Health & Safety) workplace assessments. We also act as ambassadors of the Standivarius brand of ergonomic computer accessories in the UK.

Our experience particularly in the field of seating and ergonomics has enabled us to form special relationships with these renowned manufacturers who are looking to add value to their products with our specific expertise and commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

What is the difference between a powered and a manual wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs are moved by the user themselves without the assistance of a motor. These could be self-propelled by using use of their limbs or companion propelled, which means that you need a helper to push you. Our REAL 9100 Plus range can be adapted for either of these.

A powered or electric wheelchair is propelled by means of an electric motor and battery. These are usually operated by the person sitting in the chair by a control pad such as on our REAL 6100 Plus range

Why do you sometimes refer to your wheelchairs as task chairs?

Our chairs are rather specialised in that they combine manual or powered propulsion with a lifting and tilting seat mechanism, which can either be assisted by gas cylinders under the seat or fully powered by electric actuators. These added functions are what makes our chairs special and are specifically designed to aid many tasks like reaching high places, working on benches and desks, talking eye to eye with standing people and assisting with transition to a standing position.

Can I use my Mercado medic chair outside?

Our specialist disability task chairs are designed specifically to be used for indoor activities, but it is quite possible to use the chairs on level, dry surfaces outdoors providing particular care is taken when negotiating obstacles. You cannot travel in a motor vehicle when seated in a Mercado Medic chair as they are not designed to do this, but they can be partially dismantled, so they can be stowed appropriately and carried by car from one location to another.

How long will my chair take to deliver?

Every chair is built to order to satisfy individual customer requirements and the whole process from order to delivery takes between four and six weeks.

I need a heavy-duty chair that will last. Can you help?

Whether you are of small or large stature there is a Mercado Mobility Chair that can be adapted to your precise size and weight and every one of them is built to last. We have a special chair for users weighing up to 275Kg (43 Stone) the REAL 9200 EL which features extra heavy-duty components.

Can I use the chair all day?

Our chairs are designed to be used all day and our ErgoMedic Plus seat and back cushions are specifically designed to minimise the risk of pressure sores or aches and pain. These seats have the right form and softness to ensure optimal stability and comfort. For people who need respite in between tasks the ‘tilt in space’ feature (where the entire seat tilts on its base) provides the optimum resting posture.

How do I buy one?

Mercado Medic have authorised dealers based around the UK who have had comprehensive technical training in their products and in how to conduct personal seating assessments. Visual-Q is one of these specialist dealers and we can carry out the assessments at the user’s home or place of work. Book an assessment. Once an assessment has been conducted a detailed quotation will be produced for the precise chair to suit the individual and when an order is placed, or payment has been made the chair is manufactured by Mercado Medic to order. Delivery of the chair and personal set-up will be conducted by Visual-Q Ltd.

I love to cook – can your chair help me in the kitchen?

You can use the special features of Mercado Medic chairs to facilitate many tasks around the kitchen and may save you money on expensive kitchen adaptations. For example, by braking the REAL 9100 Plus chair or the REAL 6100 Plus, activating the riser and applying forward tilt in effect it becomes a standing stool that you can use as a secure support while you work at the worksurface or cook on your hob. Raising the seat height can give you access to eye-level grills, microwaves and high shelves. The seat can also be lowered and tilted forward to help you empty the dishwasher or reach into low cupboards.

What if I just want an idea of price initally?

Our manual chairs start at £1950 and powered chairs start at £6000 but individual requirements vary, so we recommend our free consultation so that we can determine the right specification for you.
Contact us for you free seating assessment Phone 01784 477780 or use the contact form.

What if something goes wrong with my chair?

Mercado Medic chairs are built to last, but in the unlikely event of your chair failing in some way you can contact Visual-Q or Mercado Medic UK to discuss how to put things right. The chairs carry a 10-year warranty on the frame, 2 years on the gas springs and electric actuators and 1 year on other parts. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so we promise to deal with any issues promptly.

What is the maximum users weight for your chairs?

We visit our customers to conduct an individual chair assessment so that the chair can be matched to your precise weight and size.

As an approximate guide REAL 9300 & 9400 Paediatric chairs suit children and small adults up to a weight of 75Kg (11st 11lbs). The manual task chair REAL 9100 suits users up to 130Kg (20st 6lb)and the electric powered REAL 6100 up to 135Kg (21st 3lb).

For heavier users the Bariatric range REAL 9200 can safely support users weighing 180Kg (28st 4lb) on the gas-lift version and 275 Kg (43st 4lb) on the electric lift version.

Generally speaking the frame and seat dimensions are appropriate to these different weight groups, but because all of the chairs are modular, larger or smaller seats and components can be specified to suit the individual.

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