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Indoor Manual Mobility Chairs

REAL 9100 Plus EL is Mercado Medic’s manual mobility task chair designed to assist with indoor mobility and many other everyday tasks. A sit-stand chair available with gas-assisted or electric powered seat height, seat tilt and braking and many other accessories to support an independent lifestyle.

REAL 9100 powered lift and tilt aid standing with leg weakness REAL 9100 EL powered lift and tilt aid standing with leg weakness

This manual mobility task chair is for office, home and university use and is designed to give someone with moderate postural needs or leg weakness mobility support and assist them in a variety of tasks like working at a desk, counter, laboratory bench or kitchen worksurface, reaching high places, standing or transferring to a different chair, toilet or bed.

The REAL9100 Plus electric riser chair features powered height adjustment and can be delivered with several other manual or electric features such as seat tilt, backrest adjustment and braking. The REAL 9100 Plus EL also has many seat, back and neck cushion options to provide unparalleled ergonomic posture and comfort for extended periods of sitting.


The REAL 9100 Plus EL helps you move around with a minimum of effort. The stable base is designed with an ultra-compact 48 x 53cm footprint so that the chair can offer freedom of movement in confined spaces such as corridors and bathrooms.

The large diameter, omnidirectional castors have ultra-low friction bearings for a smooth-running experience and give superb manoeuvrability. These are available in a range of materials and sizes to allow this disability task chair to be moved across thresholds and over different kinds of surfaces.

Real 9100 in use montage Real 9100 EL in use montage


Moving the chair around is made easier by the special ‘walking’ base combined with the tilting action of the chair seat. This allows the user to transfer weight onto their feet and move around using the strength in their legs whilst maintaining secure contact with the chair. The easy to operate electric height controls allow the user to elevate the chair into a high position for getting out of the chair into a standing position and back again. These assisted walking and standing activities can offer a sense of independence and help with physical rehabilitation.

TAs standard this chair is equipped with 28cm electric height adjustment and at the press of a button you can safely raise or lower the seat to reach different heights whilst still seated. To transfer safely the electric seat adjustment can be used to position the chair at the perfect height and then with brakes engaged and the arms swung aside the chair acts as a highly stable support. It also offers three alternative designs for adjusting the seat angle, four types of backrest mechanism, three brake mechanisms and many cushion options.


  1. Max user weight 150 kg
  2. ErgoMedic PLUS seat system.
  3. Seat width 40-48 cm
  4. Seat depth 39-53 cm
  5. Frame size 48-53 cm/li>
  1. Backrest width 30-46 cm
  2. Backrest height 20-43 cm
  3. Seat height High 45-73 cm
  4. Seat height Low 37-57 cm
  5. Handbrake yes
  1. Max user weight 150 kg
  2. ErgoMedic PLUS seat system.
  3. Seat width 40-48 cm
  4. Seat depth 39-53 cm
  5. Frame size 48-53 cm/li>
  6. Backrest width 30-46 cm
  7. Backrest height 20-43 cm
  8. Seat height High 45-73 cm
  9. Seat height Low 37-57 cm
  10. Handbrake yes
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