Indoor Powered Childrens Mobility Chairs

Indoor Powered Childrens Mobility Chairs

Small person using 6100 chair elevation to reach photocopier.

The REAL 6100 Plus range of powered mobility chairs is perfect for use indoors by children and small adults with mobility limiting conditions to offer maximum freedom of movement and a full and active life.

This specialised powered wheel chair offers size options to suit children and small adults and a range of cushions and adaptations specifically designed for that purpose. It also features a modular construction which means it can adapt over time as a child grows or a condition or lifestyle changes.

Manoeuvrable and Versatile

This highly manoeuvrable powered indoor wheelchair delivers freedom and independence for the user to do much more for themselves. Everyday tasks at school, home or work like reaching high shelves, working at laboratory benches or interactive whiteboards and talking face to face to friends are all made possible.

Young girl using 6100 EL chair at school.

The tilting seat and powered seat elevation make these tasks and many others possible without the help of others. Transferring safely to a bed or alternative chair is made easier with the powered seat tilt, seat height adjustment and swing-away arms and the automatic brake ensures that the chair creates a stable support for this activity.

The chair features a mid-wheel drive system which turns about a central axis and with a base measuring only 570mm wide and 800mm long and can turn 180° in a space only 820 mm wide. Individual wheel suspension means that the chair can tackle obstacles on the floor with ease and the chair can be taken apart quickly for transportation by car.

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